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Book designer
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Illustration / Photoshoot direction / Book design

What’s holding you back from having your own book?

  • You are not a designer?
  • Images not worthy of print?
  • No idea how to prepare material?
  • Lack of brand style?

I can help

The Book Plan

How it works:


I give you tools and training on how to prepare your book content for design.


I help you to get your book content design ready.


I design your book in alignment with your brand and needs.

Recent Project


  • Content variety due to many contributors.
  • 2 publications, a book and an art catalouge should match.

My help:

  • Organizing the content.
  • Designing the books in alignment with the Brand Style Guide provided.


  • A book and an art catalouge that made the community smile.

I’m here to help

Let’s showcase your work with custom-made design, aligned with your brand.

Art Nature Science - book design Iwona Buziak
  1. Let’s make a book plan.
  2. Let’s get your content design ready.
  3. Let’s design your book.
Daily Dozen - Iwona Buziak-Mohamed

My approach to book design is to keep it simple and focus on your message.

Are you ready to tell your story?