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I’m happy to see you here.

My name is Iwona

I’m a self-employed multidisciplinary artist, author and Visual Communication Guide based in Canada.

Scope of my work:

  • I design visual aids, activity books and write immigrant stories.
  • I help creative businesses design books that enhance their communication with their clients.

My approach to book design is to keep it simple and focus on the message.

My Story

I have always been an artist. I became an author after learning English and North American culture, designing and publishing my own books from cover to cover. Now I contribute to the development of other people’s books.

I will help you develop an idea for your masterpiece. Together, we will design a book that will tell YOUR story. One that is in alignment with the requirements of your brand and message, with interesting images to help you communicate your message.

Iwona Buziak - - homepage image

It’s important to find a book designer that’s a good fit. Let’s talk!

If you want to showcase your work, you need a portfolio. There is no better portfolio format than a book to flip through in the hands of your clients.

Be in charge of your showcase, be informed of your options.

There are many ways to design a book. Ask questions.