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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you design the book cover and the interior?

Yes I do. If you don’t have any images for your cover, I can provide an illustration, depending on the style of your book.

What if I don’t have a Brand style?

I can help you to develop a Brand style prior to designing your book. Please note, this would be a separate project. I can provide brand development examples on request.

How long does it take to design a book?

This will depend on the volume and type of the book and content.
For example: the number of images and contributors.

What if I need assistance in preparing my book for design?

I can help you create a step-by-step timeline, direct a photoshoot and provide basic content editing.

Do you provide images?

I can provide illustrations and examples.

Do you provide image editing?

I provide basic image editing: image cropping, brightness and contrast improvements. This does not include image restoration or deep editing. You will need high resolution images (300 dpi); dimensions at print size or larger.

Do you provide text editing?

I can review your idea and provide suggestions if something is not clear. I do not provide copy editing. If you need a copy editor I can connect you with my copy editor.

What does your book design process look like?

I have developed a system that guides my book design process and will provide examples on request.

How do we communicate during the design process?

We communicate through WhatsApp or Messenger and we use Google Drive to store and organize work. You and I will have access to all documentation at all times and you will be able to see the progress daily.

How many revisions do I receive?

You can have up to 3 revisions before we decide on the design. Since you will have access to all book content, it will be your call to inspect the progress.

Do you provide proofreading services?

No, I will provide you with a draft PDF which you will need to proofread before the final copy is completed. At this time, only minor errors can be corrected. There is no design change at this stage.

What is the price of a book design?

Each book is unique and its demands are different so the price below is a rough estimate.

Provided, all content is design ready, a brochure of 8 pages can be created at a price of $850, a book of 24 pages $1,200 and a book of 64 to 100 pages starts at $3,500. Prices do not include illustrations, photoshoot directing, content editing or brand development.

Do you provide publishing training?

I can walk you through the Amazon self publishing process when we finish the design. I do not offer training at this time.

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